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In an industry as competitive as law, standing out isn’t just an advantage—it's a necessity. Welcome to the intersection of law and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Together, let's position your firm prominently in the digital realm, ensuring potential clients find you first. Dive in and discover the power of tailored online strategies for legal professionals.

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Legal Digital Marketing
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Legal Digital Marketing

In an era where virtually every potential client starts their search for legal services online, mastering the digital realm is no longer optional for law firms—it's imperative. The legal landscape is evolving, with firms of all sizes competing for visibility in a crowded digital marketplace. From solo practitioners to large law firms, the need to connect with clients, build trust, and showcase expertise online has never been greater.

Legal digital marketing is more than just having a website or social media presence. It's about creating a holistic online strategy tailored to the nuances of the legal profession. This involves understanding the unique challenges lawyers face, such as regulatory constraints, ethical considerations, and the importance of client confidentiality. It's about merging the rigorous demands of law with the dynamic world of digital marketing, ensuring that legal professionals not only stand out in the vast online space but also remain compliant and ethical in their outreach.

With the right digital strategy, law firms can expand their reach, engage with potential clients more effectively, and solidify their reputation in the legal community. Welcome to the frontier of legal digital marketing, where opportunity meets expertise.

Legal Marketing Pros

Specialized Expertise for Every Legal Niche

Explore our specialized approach to legal digital marketing across diverse law domains. Whether it’s championing the rights of the discriminated or navigating intricate tax laws, our legal digital marketing strategies are designed to highlight your distinct expertise and commitment. Discover how we elevate each specialty in the digital realm, connecting you with individuals and entities in dire need of your legal acumen.

Personal Injury Law

Positioning you at the forefront when accident victims seek compensation.

Family & Divorce Law

Help families undergoing transitions find your compassionate guidance when they need it.

Criminal Defense Law

Highlighting your dedication to defending the rights of the accused and ensuring fair trials.

Employment Law

Enhance your online visibility and aid employees facing workplace injustices.

Estate Planning & Probate Law

Help individuals planning for the future or managing estates recognize your expertise.

Civil Litigation Law

Promote your litigation solutions and attract clients seeking dispute resolutions.

Discrimination Law

Elevating your commitment to justice online for those who’ve faced unfair treatment.

Real Estate Law

Connect with buyers and sellers who need help with their property complexities.

Immigration Law

Amplifying your advocacy for individuals and families navigating immigration complexities.

Corporate & Business Law

Strengthening your online presence as a trusted advisor in corporate legal landscapes.

Tax Law

Showcasing your expertise in navigating the intricate world of tax laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Law

Positioning your firm as the defender of innovation and creators’ rights online.

Elevate your legal practice with our specialized digital marketing strategies tailored to each legal niche. Embrace the digital realm and connect with those in need of your unique legal services. Let’s forge a path to digital excellence together, ensuring your expertise resonates with the right audience at the right time.

What Do You Want

Does Your Law Firm Need Digitial Marketing?

In the fast-paced digital age, the legal sector faces unique challenges in capturing attention, establishing authority, and fostering trust. Navigating this landscape requires more than just knowledge of the law; it demands a keen understanding of how to leverage the digital realm to one's advantage. Discover how a specialized approach to digital marketing can elevate your law firm, positioning it as a leading force in the competitive legal arena. Dive into tailored strategies, innovative tools, and industry-specific insights designed to amplify your reach, bolster your online reputation, and connect with clients in meaningful, impactful ways.

Expand Client Base?

Expand Client Base?

Expanding your client base requires visibility and presence where potential clients are searching. Digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, ensures that your firm is prominently displayed when potential clients search for legal services online.

Enhance Online Reputation?

Enhance Online Reputation?

Building a robust online reputation is more than just testimonials. A cohesive digital marketing strategy emphasizes content creation, client reviews, and online engagement, solidifying your firm's credibility and expertise in the eyes of prospective clients.

Stay Ahead of Competitors?

Stay Ahead of Competitors?

The digital space is competitive, with numerous law firms vying for the top spot. A tailored digital marketing approach, including competitor analysis and targeted campaigns, ensures you remain a step ahead, capturing the attention of potential clients first.

Showcase Specializations?

Showcase Specializations?

Highlighting your firm's niche and expertise is crucial. Digital marketing provides platforms to showcase specialized content, webinars, and case studies, allowing potential clients to understand your unique value proposition in the legal marketplace.

Engage With the Local Community?

Engage With the Local Community?

Community engagement builds trust. Localized digital marketing tactics, such as local SEO, community event promotions, and geo-targeted ads, position your firm as an integral part of the local community, resonating with local clientele.

Optimize Client Experience?

Optimize Client Experience?

Digital marketing is not just about acquisition; it's also about retention. Leveraging tools like email marketing, personalized content, and responsive website designs ensures a seamless client experience, fostering long-term relationships.

By aligning your firm’s objectives with a strategic marketing plan, you’re not just following a trend—you’re securing a future where your firm thrives in the digital age.

How Do You Benefit

What Advantages Await Your Law Firm?

The legal landscape is shifting. With an increasingly digital-dependent clientele, traditional methods of reaching potential clients are evolving. Embracing digital marketing isn't just an addition to your strategy; it's a transformative approach that places your firm at the forefront of legal innovation. Let's explore how digital marketing specifically benefits the legal sector:

Amplified Visibility

Break through the clutter and position your firm prominently on search engines. With optimized campaigns, ensure your services are the first ones potential clients encounter.

Targeted Client Acquisition

Instead of casting a wide net, digital marketing lets you zero in on your desired clientele. From specific practice areas to local communities, ensure you're attracting cases that align with your expertise.

Build Trust Online

Online reviews, client testimonials, and authoritative content can significantly elevate your firm's credibility. Showcase your successes and expertise, making the decision easier for those seeking legal assistance.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gone are the days of guesswork. With comprehensive analytics, understand where your leads are coming from, what strategies are working, and where there's room for improvement.

Streamlined Client Interaction

With optimized websites, chatbots, and digital communication tools, ensure potential clients can easily reach out, inquire, and get the assistance they need promptly.

Consistent Branding

In a saturated market, a strong, consistent digital brand can differentiate your firm. From social media to email campaigns, present a unified, professional image across all channels.

Cost-Effective Outreach

Digital marketing, when done right, can offer an impressive ROI. Reach a wider audience at a fraction of traditional advertising costs, ensuring every dollar is well-spent.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Using digital strategies, foster deeper client relationships. Personalized emails, webinars, and interactive content engage audiences beyond traditional means.

Reputation Amplification

Utilize digital platforms to bolster your law firm's reputation. With thought leadership and proactive management, establish your status as the top legal choice.

With our tailored legal digital marketing strategies, we don’t just amplify your online presence; we redefine how potential clients perceive and engage with your firm. Experience the transformation that positions your legal practice as the modern, accessible, and results-driven choice in a competitive market.
Our Services

Full-Suite Legal Digital Marketing

The legal industry is evolving, and so are the strategies to attract clients. Harness the power of our tailored digital services to distinguish your law firm in a competitive landscape.

Optimizing Legal SEO Strategies - Enhancing Online Visibility for Law Firms and Attorneys

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Unlock your law firm’s full online potential with our SEO strategies. Dive into a sea of opportunities where every keyword is a beacon, guiding prospective clients to your expert legal counsel, and elevating your digital presence amidst the competitive legal field.

Dive Deeper into SEO for Law Firms
Optimizing Legal SEO Strategies - Enhancing Online Visibility for Law Firms and Attorneys

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Empower your law firm with our unparalleled PPC strategies. Every click is a step towards connecting individuals seeking legal advice with your expert services, crafting a journey that turns prospects into loyal clients, and optimizing investment returns.

Explore Our Legal PPC Strategies
Crafting User-Friendly Legal Websites - Elevating Online Experiences for Law Firms and Attorneys

Website Design & Development

Craft a compelling online home for your law firm with our web design and development expertise. Melding aesthetics with functionality, we create sites that are reflections of your legal prowess, providing intuitive user experiences and establishing your digital authority.

See Our Legal Website Portfolio
Engaging Clients Through Legal Social Media - Building Connections and Trust in the Legal Industry

Social Media Management

Transform your law firm’s social presence with our innovative strategies. Engage, connect, and build lasting relationships with clients through powerful content, ensuring your voice resonates in the bustling realm of social media, and your legal acumen is acknowledged.

Discover Our Social Media Blueprint
E-commerce Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Elevate your law firm's communication with our email marketing strategies. Delivering precision-targeted, valuable content straight to inboxes, creating lasting impressions and fostering relationships with clients, ensuring your legal counsel is top of mind.

Learn More About Legal Email Strategies
Inspiring Legal Creativity - Transforming Law Brands with Innovative Design and Content

Creative Services

Bring your law firm's brand vision to life. From powerful graphics and impactful videos to comprehensive branding solutions, our creative minds are here to captivate and command attention, ensuring your legal expertise stands out in the competitive digital landscape.

See What Our Creative Capabilities Are
Unlock the full potential of digital for your law firm. Each service is a step towards broader recognition, trust, and client acquisition. Let’s embark on this journey together.
Actions Speak Louder

DMA Performance Pledge

In the vast world of digital marketing, where results are anticipated but rarely guaranteed, we're taking a stand. At Digital Marketing Advantage, we don’t just promise excellence; we commit to it. With our unique DMA Performance Pledge, we put our management fee on the line based on the performance we deliver.

Unwavering Accountability: We ensure strategies deliver. If not, our fee’s at risk. We share the journey and the risks.

Transparent Evaluations: No blind trust. We analyze and refine constantly, giving clients clear insights into benefits.

Redefining Agency Relationships: More than monetary pledges. It’s our ethos in action, showing real dedication and promise delivery.


Our Clients Feedback

At Digital Marketing Advantage, we pride ourselves on delivering tangible results and exceptional service. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our satisfied clients have to say


Why Choose Digital Marketing Advantage for Your Law Firm?

In an era where digital presence is paramount, law firms need a partner who understands both the intricacies of the legal sector and the dynamics of the digital realm. With Digital Marketing Advantage, you're not just getting a marketing agency; you're gaining an ally dedicated to propelling your law firm into the forefront of the digital space.

Expertise Tailored for the Legal Arena

Digital Marketing Advantage isn't just another marketing agency. We specialize in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented within the legal sector. Every strategy is carved keeping the intricacies of legal practices in mind.

Results-Driven Approach

While we're passionate about creativity and innovation, our ultimate goal is to deliver results. We focus on metrics that matter - be it client acquisition, website traffic, or improved online reputation.

Ethical & Transparent Practices

We recognize the importance of integrity and transparency, especially in the legal field. Our campaigns and strategies abide by the highest ethical standards, ensuring your firm remains in compliance with industry norms and regulations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the latest tools and technologies, we ensure your firm remains ahead of the curve. From advanced SEO tools to state-of-the-art website designs, we employ the best to deliver the best.

Personalized Client Service

At Digital Marketing Advantage, every law firm is treated as a unique entity. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all; they are custom-crafted to resonate with your firm's ethos and goals.

Continual Learning & Adaptation

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. We continuously invest in training and learning to ensure that our strategies are always current, effective, and aligned with the latest industry trends.

Partner with Digital Marketing Advantage and experience the synergy of expertise, dedication, and innovation. Together, let’s pave the way for your law firm’s unprecedented digital success.

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DMAP Software
Digital Marketing Advantage
Another Advantage

Introducing… DMAP

Map your leads into one integrated platform and chart the path to a new client!

Elevate Your Lead-to-Customer Journey with Digitial Marketing Advantage’s Platform, DMAP.

Case Studies

Legal Success Stories

Unearthing the genuine impact of digital marketing within the legal sector can sometimes be elusive. Dive into our curated selection of case studies, showcasing how we've transformed the digital footprint of law firms just like yours. From revamping web presences to executing successful ad campaigns, witness first-hand the difference that a strategic, well-executed digital strategy can make. Let these success stories inspire confidence and paint a vivid picture of the potential that lies ahead for your firm with Digital Marketing Advantage.

Legal Marketing Blog

Leading Perspectives in Legal Marketing


Delve into our compendium of insights specifically tailored for the legal sector. In this space, we distill our extensive knowledge and experiences in legal digital marketing, offering a myriad of innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions.

These pieces are designed to equip you with actionable insights and thoughtful reflections to navigate the intricate realm of legal marketing proficiently. Engage with the diverse perspectives of our seasoned team as we explore the multifaceted world of digital marketing in the legal sector.

Digital Marketing for Legal Practices

Frequently Asked Questions: Legal Digital Marketing

Dive deep into the transformative realm of digital marketing tailored for medical professionals. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner curious about online patient acquisition or a medical facility looking to amplify its digital presence, our comprehensive FAQ section addresses your most pressing queries.

From understanding the intricacies of SEO for healthcare to ensuring patient data privacy, discover the multifaceted benefits of integrating digital strategies into your medical practice. Your journey to a digitally optimized healthcare experience begins here.

Why is digital marketing essential for law firms?

Digital marketing is indispensable for law firms in the modern, highly-connected world as it acts as a linchpin for visibility, client acquisition, and brand building. In a sector saturated with competition, having an online presence is pivotal to capturing the attention of prospective clients and establishing a robust brand image.

  1. Client Acquisition and Retention: With an ever-growing number of individuals seeking legal advice online, digital marketing enables law firms to reach a broad audience actively looking for legal services, thereby driving client acquisition. Email marketing and retargeting strategies can help in nurturing leads and retaining existing clients by keeping them engaged and informed about your services and insights.

  2. Brand Awareness and Credibility: SEO-optimized content, including blogs and articles, helps in building a law firm's reputation by showcasing expertise and knowledge in specific legal domains. By consistently delivering valuable content, firms can establish themselves as authoritative figures in the legal arena, enhancing trust and credibility among users.

  3. Enhanced Online Visibility: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for improving a law firm’s online visibility. By optimizing for relevant keywords and creating quality content, law firms can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), making them more accessible to individuals in need of legal counsel.

  4. Targeted Advertising: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and social media advertising allow law firms to target specific demographics, ensuring that their services are displayed to the most relevant audience, enhancing the likelihood of lead generation and conversions.

  5. Client Engagement: Social media platforms facilitate direct interaction with potential and existing clients. They offer a space to address inquiries, share legal updates, and disseminate insights, creating a sense of community and engagement around a law firm's brand.

  6. Market Analysis and Competitor Insight: Digital marketing tools and analytics provide valuable data on market trends, client behavior, and competitor strategies. This information is instrumental in refining marketing strategies, identifying opportunities, and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

  7. Cost-Efficiency: Digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing avenues, offers more cost-effective solutions with measurable ROI, allowing law firms to optimize their marketing budget and get better value for their investment.

  8. Local Presence and Accessibility: Local SEO strategies, including Google My Business listings and local keywords, can enhance a law firm’s visibility in local searches, making them easily accessible to clients in their vicinity.

  9. Mobile Optimization: With a significant number of searches occurring on mobile devices, having a mobile-optimized website is essential to offer a seamless user experience and capture the mobile user market.

  10. Conversion Optimization: Website optimization, coupled with compelling Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and user-friendly design, enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of converting visitors into clients.

In essence, digital marketing is not just essential; it’s irreplaceable for law firms aiming to thrive in the digital age. It’s a multifaceted approach that, when strategically implemented, can propel a law firm’s growth, reputation, and client base, ensuring sustained success in the competitive legal market.

How does SEO benefit a law firm?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an invaluable asset for law firms in the digital age, serving as a catalyst for visibility, credibility, and client acquisition. Here’s how SEO notably benefits law firms:

  1. Enhanced Online Visibility: SEO helps law firms rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant queries. By optimizing content and the website for pertinent keywords, law firms can increase their visibility to potential clients actively seeking legal assistance, thus driving organic traffic to their site.

  2. Increased Credibility and Trust: A top-ranking position on SERPs is often associated with authority and reliability. When law firms appear prominently in search results for legal queries, it fosters trust among users, positioning the firm as a credible source of legal information and services.

  3. Targeted Traffic and Qualified Leads: SEO enables law firms to attract a more targeted audience by optimizing for specific legal niches and localities. This precise targeting means that the traffic drawn to the website is more likely to be interested in the services offered, leading to higher conversion rates.

  4. Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness: While SEO requires an initial investment, its effects are more enduring and cost-effective compared to paid advertising. Organic rankings, once achieved, can sustain over time, providing a steady influx of potential clients without the recurring costs associated with other advertising methods.

  5. Improved User Experience: SEO is not just about keywords; it’s also about providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. By optimizing website structure, load speed, and mobile responsiveness, law firms can offer a better user experience, which is a critical factor in SERP rankings and user conversions.

  6. Enhanced Local Presence: Local SEO strategies, including optimizing for 'near me' searches and creating Google My Business listings, enable law firms to stand out in local search results. This is crucial for attracting clients in specific geographical locations and building a local reputation.

  7. Competitive Advantage: In the saturated legal market, SEO helps law firms gain a competitive edge. By securing top positions on SERPs, law firms can overshadow competitors, capture more market share, and establish themselves as leaders in their legal niche.

  8. Content Visibility and Engagement: By creating and optimizing informative and valuable content, such as blog posts and articles, law firms can engage visitors and demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in various legal domains. This content visibility can lead to enhanced engagement and client acquisition.

  9. Increased Client Interaction and Feedback: A well-optimized website, coupled with engaging content, can prompt user interactions, inquiries, and feedback. This interaction provides invaluable insights into client needs and preferences and helps in building long-lasting client relationships.

  10. Measurable Results and Insights: SEO provides measurable results and actionable insights through analytics. Law firms can track website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, and more, allowing them to refine their strategies, allocate resources more effectively, and make informed decisions to achieve their business goals.

By embracing SEO, law firms can significantly amplify their online presence, foster client trust, and stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape, all while drawing in a consistent stream of prospective clients and establishing themselves as authoritative figures in their respective legal specialties.

What's the difference between organic and paid search?

Organic and paid search are two distinct approaches to gaining visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Organic Search: Organic search refers to the natural, non-paid listings that appear on SERPs. These rankings are determined by search engine algorithms based on various factors like content relevance, website quality, and user experience. Achieving high organic rankings requires search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, including keyword optimization, content creation, and backlink building. Organic search results are free but require time and consistent optimization efforts to attain and maintain top positions.

Paid Search: Paid search, on the other hand, involves sponsored listings that appear at the top and bottom of SERPs. Advertisers bid on specific keywords, and when users search for those terms, the ads are displayed. These paid listings are commonly seen on platforms like Google Ads. Paid search offers immediate visibility and allows advertisers to target specific keywords and demographics. However, it comes at a cost, as advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their ad (Pay-Per-Click or PPC).


In summary, organic search relies on SEO efforts to rank naturally, while paid search involves paying for ad placements to achieve instant visibility. Both have their merits and can be part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, depending on your goals and budget.

How can I measure the success of my digital marketing campaigns?

Measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns is crucial to evaluate their effectiveness and make informed decisions. Here are key metrics and methods to gauge campaign success:

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Identify relevant KPIs based on campaign goals. For instance, track website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), or return on investment (ROI) depending on your objectives.

  2. Website Analytics: Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor website traffic, user behavior, and engagement. Analyze metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and session duration to assess user interactions.

  3. Conversion Tracking: Implement conversion tracking codes to measure actions like form submissions, product purchases, or downloads. Track the conversion rate to determine how effectively your campaigns drive desired actions.

  4. Click-Through Rates (CTR): CTR measures the percentage of people who click on your ad or content after viewing it. A higher CTR indicates better engagement.

  5. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Calculate the cost of acquiring a new customer through your campaigns. Compare this with customer lifetime value (CLV) to assess campaign profitability.

  6. Social Media Metrics: On social platforms, track metrics like likes, shares, comments, and follower growth. These indicate audience engagement and campaign impact.

  7. Email Marketing Metrics: Evaluate email campaign success through open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, and conversion rates for email-generated leads or sales.

  8. ROI: Measure the return on investment by calculating the revenue generated compared to campaign expenses. A positive ROI indicates a successful campaign.

  9. A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to compare different campaign elements like headlines, images, or calls to action. Analyze which variations perform better.

  10. Surveys and Feedback: Collect user feedback to gain insights into their satisfaction and perception of your campaigns.

We'll help you review these metrics, make data-driven adjustments, and refine your campaigns to continuously improve their success.

What platforms are optimal for legal firm advertising?

 We recommend several effective platforms for legal firm advertising. Google Ads is essential for reaching users actively searching for legal services. Bing Ads expands your reach further. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer highly targeted options. Legal directories such as Avvo and FindLaw are valuable. Content marketing, email marketing, and local SEO are vital for online visibility. Encouraging positive reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, and more enhances reputation. Our agency also leverages YouTube, legal forums, and communities, PPC remarketing, legal news websites, and press releases. We tailor strategies to suit your unique needs.

How do you ensure our law firm stands out amidst competitors?

We employ a multi-faceted approach to ensure your law firm stands out among competitors. Firstly, we conduct comprehensive market research to identify your unique selling points and target audience. Then, we craft a compelling brand identity and message that resonates with potential clients. Our SEO strategies optimize your online presence, making your website rank higher on search engines. Engaging content, social media marketing, and paid advertising further enhance your visibility. We also leverage online reviews and reputation management to build trust. Our team continuously monitors and adjusts strategies to stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape.

Is social media marketing effective for law firms?

Absolutely, social media marketing can be exceptionally effective for law firms when executed correctly. It serves as a versatile tool allowing law firms to build brand awareness, engage with their audience, and establish themselves as authorities in their field. By sharing insightful content, legal advice, and industry updates, law firms can connect with potential clients and peers, fostering trust and credibility. Additionally, social media platforms offer advanced targeting options, enabling law firms to reach their ideal clientele based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This targeted approach, combined with consistent engagement, can significantly enhance lead generation and conversion rates, contributing to a firm’s overall business growth and online presence.

What is reputation management and its significance?

Reputation management proactively addresses your online image—monitoring reviews, feedback, and mentions. For the legal sector, where trust is currency, a pristine online reputation can significantly influence client decisions, making it indispensable.

How long before tangible results from digital marketing manifest?

Strategies like PPC can offer immediate visibility boosts, but SEO, a foundational aspect of legal digital marketing, is more of a marathon than a sprint. It can take several months to witness significant organic ranking improvements, but the long-term benefits are well worth the patience.

Do you provide content tailored to our legal specialties?

Certainly. Our content team is adept at creating legally accurate, SEO-optimized content spanning various legal niches, from family law to corporate litigation, ensuring relevance and authority.

How do you manage multiple clients within the same legal domain?

Client success is our priority. We ensure strategies are bespoke, with no overlap in target regions or keywords, upholding a strict code against conflicts of interest.

Why is mobile optimization pivotal for law firms?

With a significant surge in mobile searches, ensuring your law firm's website is mobile-responsive is non-negotiable. A seamless mobile experience can be the difference between a potential client reaching out or navigating away.

Enhancing your legal firm’s digital outreach is no longer optional but essential. To delve deeper into how digital marketing can reshape your firm’s growth trajectory, reach out to our specialized legal digital marketing team today.

Elevate Your Law Firm With Our Specialized Digital Strategies

Whether you're seeking to improve your website's search visibility, engage your audience through tailored content, or amplify your firm's voice on social platforms, we have the full-suite marketing expertise specifically tailored for the legal industry.

Step into the digital forefront. Let's craft a custom strategy that puts your law firm ahead of the competition.